Extra Vierge Olijfolie

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Extra Vierge Olijfolie Zwarte Truffel

Geloof het of niet. Dit is nou de smaak van een engel die over je tong heen zeikt. Sterker nog, dit is een heel engelen koor die in je mond zijkt. Zo lekker dat de jongen in de geest niet stout is. Nee nee.


It is the oil that represents the man of the house. It is robust and decisive but also amiable and cordial. It is produced with the finest varieties of Italian olives including Peranzana, Frantoio and Leccino coming from the best production areas.


Multi-awarded in major Italian and international oil competitions.It represents the flagship of the Frantoio Bonamini. Produced in limited quantities at the end of October with Grignano and Favarol varieties,


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